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Collagen make-up Foundation SPF10

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Collagen make-up Foundation SPF10

Lifting collagen make-up

Product nbr.: 1217(#1-Pale), #1219(#3-Nude), #1220(#4-Tan)

Volume / Weight: 20 ml

Skin type: For all skin types

Coverage: Medium


A light formula with collagen.
Prevents premature skin aging.
It leaves the skin fresh, even and glowing.
With each application, it improves the skin’s texture.


Collagen Make-Up - The perfect time to awaken the youthful glamour of your skin! This brightening and very light collagen foundation provides perfect coverage and creates an even and glowing skin tone. It will enhance the beauty of your skin and thanks to Kalpariane, a seaweed extract, it will keep improving it. With its unique formula, it creates a film and adheres to the keratin layer of your skin. It has the ability to retain water, has moisturizing properties, and smoothens out dry and wrinkled complexions. It strengthens skin cell cohesion. Thanks to its high content of amino acids (especially hydroxyproline), it greatly improves the skin’s hydration, elasticity and tonus. An immediate rejuvenating effect is enhanced by vitamin E, which eliminates free radicals and protects your skin against premature aging. The collagen foundation creates an evenly made-up face and can be easily layered to achieve medium- to full-coverage. 


Apply a moisturizing cream or a make-up foundation. Apply the corrector with your fingertips around your eyes, on pigment spots or other imperfections. Follow with a foundation and spread evenly. Apply a fixation powder all over your face and finish your cheeks with a blush.


Well-nourished, smooth skin glowing with energy, reduced wrinkles and fine lines, younger looking skin all day long.